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The School-Specific PD Workshop Grant from the Utah Advisory Council of Theatre Teachers (UACTT) is intended to provide funds for UACTT member teachers to host a one-time workshop of approximately 1-3 hours at their school or site taught by theatre or educational professionals or organizations. The funds allocated will be within the range of $100-$300; amount will be determined by circumstance as decided by the UACTT board and Professional Development Coordinator.

The applicant member will plan, prepare, host, carry out, and document the workshop through video. The applicant member will then share the video of the workshop with UACTT by uploading the video to UACTT's YouTube channel as an unlisted video. UACTT will then share the video of the workshop with the members for the purposes of learning and professional development of both Utah Theatre teachers and students.

The documented workshop must have a video quality of at least 480p (you can usually check your camera's video quality on the side of the camera or in the camera's manual). Audio must be clear and easy to hear, or, if the audio file is corrupted due to surroundings (such as filming outdoors) closed-captioning should be provided.

This grant is NOT intended to pay for individual professionals or organizations to provide ongoing learning experiences such as guest directing a play, choreography, fight direction, etc.

The application information as well as the Video Release Form and the Administration Approval Form (linked in the application) are required for an application to be considered complete. Applications can be found at this link:

This application is due two weeks before each scheduled, quarterly UACTT board meeting as listed below. The board will review current submitted applications and vote to award grants at each meeting. You will be notified within a week of the board meeting whether or not it was possible to award the requested grant.

UACTT offers scholarships to UACTT members to subsidize and support the cost of teacher professional development training that supports UACTT's mission. Teachers may apply for scholarships to cover partial or full costs of professional development training they plan to attend.


Teachers will be asked to share the training they received with UACTT members through a professional development workshop at the UACTT conference. The professional development should be of a caliber that it qualifies for re-licensure points.

Applications can be found at this link: . Applications should be submitted prior to the desired training (reimbursements will not be considered). Applications are due two weeks before each scheduled, quarterly UACTT board meeting. UACTT board members will vote to determine which scholarships are able to be awarded based on the current budget at each meeting.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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